24/06/2021 Seniors Day Sponsors Eric & Krista

Dear Seniors,
Thursday 24th June, a clear and sunny day as usual. 50 players were divided between 18 flights, 9 in the morning and 9 in the afternoon. For the first time this year, we played shotgun.
Ready for game no.4 for the challenge “Joske”.
For the first time year, there was a prize-giving! This game was sponsored by Krista and Eric, with our thanks!
The top 3 results for this game were :
Men Ladies
1.Ducornait Jean Marie : 44pts 1.Verheyden Martine : 40pts
2.Tastenhoye Patrick : 40pts 2.Mees Nadine : 33pts
3.Herzeele Robert : 39pts 3.Clement Veronique : 33pts
Congratulations to all players.
The total scores, you can find attached, count for “Challenge Joske”, the best 4 results will count.
Note : In order to claim your prize, winners have to attend the prize-giving!

“Senior Captains”
« Steenpoel Golf Club & School”
Josée & Koen
Planning July :
 08/7/21 : Trip to Louvain-La-Neuve, 12h30 starting time, GF €50 – Places still available!
 22/7/21 : Steenpoel – Shotgun, starting at 8h30 and 11h!
Update Seniors Trip Germany 23/08/21 – 25/08/21 : Mail and info : Josée

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